Recruitment Fraud

Acceleration Partners has recently been made aware of online recruitment fraud involving fake job postings. These fraudulent postings from groups pretending to be Acceleration Partners or claiming to represent Acceleration Partners may be sent in a variety of formats including email, texts, social media and websites. They are using Acceleration Partners' name and branding to impersonate our company and attempt to wrongfully gather personal data and money from candidates. These scams may appear legitimate however, they are not legitimate or affiliated with Acceleration Partners in any way. We take this matter very seriously and ask candidates to carefully research unsolicited communications or offers of employment on behalf of Acceleration Partners.


  • Communications or employment offers from non-AP email addresses (e.g.,,, etc.). All AP email addresses end in
  • Job postings or communications with poor spelling and grammar.
  • Offers for employment and you haven't applied for a job with Acceleration Partners.
  • Unsolicited employment offers and/or unsolicited employment contract from Acceleration Partners, especially via text message.
  • Requests for extensive personal information such as social security number, passport number, account numbers or requests to access a bank account or any other type of financial account to transfer funds or receive payments to or from a third party.
  • Requests to download third-party software to start a job or accept a check prior to starting work.


  • Apply to jobs via our website for consideration.
  • Are always invited to interview with multiple Acceleration Partners' personnel before any offer of employment is made. These team members are listed on our LinkedIn page.
  • The AP Interview process involved multiple steps and you can learn more about that to expect in a real interview on our FAQ page.


Online recruitment fraud is becoming more prevalent. The Federal Trade Commission provides free tips and information on how to avoid being scammed online and steps to take if you feel you have been scammed. Tips and information are available via the Federal Trade Commission's website (

If you have been scammed online, contact your local police department and provide them with all of the information you've received from the senders. You may also report the crime through the Federal Bureau of Investigation's Internet Crime Complaint Center's website (


If you have questions regarding the authenticity of any communication sent on behalf of Acceleration Partners' recruiting team, please call us at 617-963-0839 x3.