Our Affiliate Academy is specifically designed for experienced Digital Marketing Account Managers located in the United States. In a small group setting, participants are immersed into the world of Affiliate Marketing through a combination of formal training, job shadowing, and on-the-job training over the course of 3 months.

By the end of the program, Affiliate Academy graduates have the in-depth knowledge required to oversee their own portfolio of clients, including strategically managing publishers, networks, and clients, and hold the title of Account Manager on our Affiliate team.

We run this program 1 – 2 times a year, keep an eye out for “Affiliate Academy” job openings here.

I’m a digital marketer. Why should I consider a career in affiliate marketing?

Marketing industry leaders predict that, in the near future, affiliate marketing will become a large part of the online marketing mix for the world’s leading companies. One reason is that the model’s Cost Per Action (CPA) element structures the relationship between partners so that payment is made only when marketing efforts result in a specific outcome (e.g. driving a sale, generating a quality lead, etc.).

The partnership structure of the affiliate model is very attractive to marketing departments, especially as it allows them to efficiently track and assess performance. As such, they are beginning to give the affiliate model priority in their digital marketing portfolio.

The challenge is that there is a shortage of raw talent to serve the needs of the industry, brands, and agencies alike. This is a driving factor behind why we created Affiliate Academy.

Our Affiliate Academy offers individuals coming from related digital marketing fields the opportunity to transfer their knowledge and skills into a growing industry, without having to start at entry level. We welcome people with this background into our affiliate marketing world and believe they will enrich the industry with their experiences and fresh perspectives.

We know from first-hand experience that there is incredible opportunity for significant career progression in affiliate marketing–not only as a program manager, but as a value-added marketer for any industry –as it will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the entire digital marketing landscape.

What’s required to qualify for AP’s Affiliate Academy?

The best candidates are those with a minimum 3-5 years’ of experience managing all aspects of client accounts, from the relationship management and daily communications to the strategic ideation and tactical execution.


Great candidates will also have a strong core knowledge of e-commerce or other digital marketing channels. Candidates do not need any affiliate marketing experience, but they should have a strong desire to learn affiliate and performance marketing skills.

I want to learn more!

Check out our Career Page and apply today to immediately be considered for our next Affiliate Academy cohort. Or, if now is not the right time, join our talent newsletter and we’ll notify you when we’re accepting applications for our next group of future affiliate marketing rock stars!

What knowledge will I gain?

Our classroom-style and on-the-job training program will cover topics ranging from Affiliate 101 to Performance Partnerships® and everything in-between. A sample of our training topics include:


  • Campaign planning
  • Strategic thinking
  • Understanding client goals and setting SMART goals
  • Affiliate fraud
  • Data analysis and projections
  • Attribution and incrementality
  • and more!


Affiliate Academy emphasizes structured learning through the completion of skill exercises, peer shadowing, and real-world project work with our teams and our clients.

As a digital marketer who was eager to make a career move and learn an entirely new channel of marketing, I couldn’t be more grateful to AP for hosting the Affiliate Academy. From day one, I was fully supported, encouraged and armed with the tools I needed to succeed. The AP training team was there every step of the way both guiding me and asking for constant feedback and input. I graduated the academy fully ready to dive into the world of affiliate marketing – all thanks to the amazing people, culture and genius of the Acceleration Partners team.”

Amelia Glynn
Account Manager & 1st Graduate of the Affiliate Academy Program!